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6 aviation cliches that are true – and 3 that are not

Aviation is filled with "experts." These self-appointed sages never miss a chance to share their tips for safer flying, usually from the lofty perch of a rocking chair at the FBO. But not every cliche can be discarded. Most of them exist because there's a kernel of truth.
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Picking Up Where You Left Off

One of the more difficult aspects of pilot training is starting back after a lengthy break.  If you have ever had to take two...

Keeping Flying Fun

When was the last time you saw an ad that said "Come Learn to Fly Just for the Fun of It?" It is like we have forgotten that flying is an amazing and fun thing to do! Learn more about the forgotten fun of flying in the linked article.

New Year’s Resolutions

With the New Year holiday in the rear view mirror, it is time to follow through on those resolutions like losing weight, exercising more,...

5 Ways to Beat the Winter Flying Blues

For those of us not flying in sunny, warm climates all year round, the winter flying season may involve anything but...“flying”.  Cold, colorless days...

Five Ways to Make Bad Landings

What? Huh? Yes, you read the title correctly. There are many things one might claim I’m an expert in.  “Good landings” is definitely not...

Six Winter Weather Flying Tips

As the season transitions from fall to winter and the temperature is consistently below freezing, unique challenges are presented to pilots. Flight training doesn't...

One checklist that works in every airplane

Do you fly the airplane, or is your checklist really the PIC? It may sound funny, but an awful lot of pilots are slaves to their checklists, blindly following them as if it’s a set of assembly instructions for a piece of furniture. You can and should do better.
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Getting Back Into Flying

In my position, I talk to all sorts of pilots looking for flight training.  The largest group is not Private pilots looking to add...

Flexible Flyer

Earlier this year, I wrote about my family's plans to take a number of mini-vacations during the summer centered on our enjoyment of roller...