What’s new in Sporty’s 2017 Learn to Fly Course

What’s new in Sporty’s 2017 Learn to Fly Course

Sporty’s popular home study courses have helped over 50,000 pilots learn to fly or add a rating. One reason they’re so popular is that they are continually updated and improved. The Sporty’s Academy team recently released the latest version of their Learn to Fly Course, with a host of new features for 2017.

7 New Features

1. Over 5 hours of new HD video and animations. Sporty’s course focuses on showing you what flying is really like, with realistic in-cockpit video and stunning graphics – now thoroughly updated for 2017. Enhanced segments cover essential topics like airplane engine operating techniques, weather theory, thunderstorm development, short and soft-field takeoff and landings, and the latest regulations.

Sporty's Learn to Fly Course in-flight video
2. New video segments cover hot topics in aviation. Technology is always changing, and Sporty’s team of pilots works hard to keep up to date with it. All-new video segments cover: ADS-B weather and traffic, angle of attack indicators, tips for flying with the iPad, and runway safety technology.

Sporty's video iPad flying
3. Up-to-date test prep questions and figures. The CFIs at Sporty’s continuously revise and update their massive database of test questions, removing old questions that are no longer on the test and adding new questions the FAA is focusing on. You won’t waste time studying outdated material, and you’ll have access to the exact same set of figures you’ll see on the actual FAA test.

Sporty's Learn to Fly Course test prep
4. ForeFlight Logbook integration. One of the most popular features in Sporty’s courses is the ability to earn your written test endorsement right from the course – automatically! New for 2017, you can log your endorsement (complete with CFI signature) right in your ForeFlight digital logbook. You’ll be ready to visit the testing center, with no CFI required.

Sporty's Learn to Fly course ForeFlight logbook integration
5. Integrated Airman Certification Standards. The FAA recently introduced this all-new document, its official guide to the checkride, and the complete ACS is available right in the course. Plus, each section is cross-referenced to relevant video segments for easy review.

Airman Certification Standards in Sporty's course
6. Ask a CFI. Stumped by a complicated aviation topic? Talk to Sporty’s team of experienced flight instructors and get straight answers. Just click on the Help button in the course menu.

Ask a CFI Sporty's course
7. Lightspeed Tryout program. An exclusive benefit for Sporty’s course users, this innovative program offers pilots an affordable way to fly with an outstanding ANR headset for an affordable price. Rent a Lightspeed Sierra ANR headset for just $50/month; after six months you purchase the headset for an attractive price. This is only offered to Sporty’s course users.

Lightspeed Tryout

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course is perfect for student pilots, but it’s also ideal for rusty pilots or anyone else who wants to become a better aviator. There has never been a better time to get started, so sign up today!

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