Video: how to use an iPad on an IFR flight

Taking off into a low overcast is a rush for many instrument pilots, as the ground disappears into the mist and clouds. At that point, you have to trust your training and follow the instruments – not the seat of your pants. But new technology makes this a little bit easier. With an iPad app like ForeFlight and an ADS-B receiver like Stratus, pilots have more awareness of terrain, obstacles, weather and runway locations. In this video, you’ll ride along in the right seat of a Piper Arrow as the pilot shoots an instrument approach in low IFR conditions. You’ll also see the iPad screen overlaid on top of the video. It’s hard work, but it’s also a lot of fun.

Video from Mike Cardosa

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John knows how lucky he is to go to work every day at an airport. As Vice President of Sporty’s Pilot Shop’s Catalog Division, he says, “I get to hang around airplanes all the time, flying regularly and testing new products for the catalog.” Coming from an aviation family, John grew up in the back of small airplanes and learned to fly as a teenager. Ever since, he has been hooked on anything with wings and regularly flies a Citabria, a Pilatus PC-12 and a Robinson R44 helicopter. Despite his love of low and slow flight, John says, “I love the challenge of IFR flying in the system. Seeing the runway lights as you break out on approach is a thrill.”