Hands-on with Sporty’s new 2018 Learn to Fly Course


Sporty’s courses have helped over 50,000 pilots learn to fly or add a rating, saving precious time and money during flight training. It’s everything a student pilot needs to prepare for the written test and earn a pilot certificate, with ground school, test prep, and real world training – all in one easy-to-use package.

While the dynamic in-flight video segments and the powerful test prep tools have won a lot of fans over the years, maybe the most important feature is Sporty’s commitment to keeping the course up to date. Every year, our team of pilots and flight instructors shoots new video, creates new animations, and add new features to making training easier and more fun.

For 2018, we’re proud to launch our biggest update yet. Check out some of the exciting additions to Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course.

Sporty's Pilot Training app
The all-new Sporty’s Pilot Training app is clean and easy to use.

A completely reimagined iPad/iPhone app makes it easier than ever to train anywhere, online or offline. Watch beautiful HD video, take practice FAA Knowledge Tests, or review our animated maneuvers guide on the go. The new Sporty’s Pilot Training app has a clean and easy-to-use interface, and offers access to a variety of Sporty’s courses. It’s your one-stop shop for mobile training.

Three formats included for the same price. Now when you buy Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course, you’ll get access to the streaming online course, the iPad/iPhone app, plus the Apple TV app. No extra charges and no more choosing which format is right for you – use them all!

Automatic progress sync means you can switch back and forth between online and app without losing track of your training. When you’ve completed all the videos and passed two practice tests, our team of flight instructors will even give you the required written test endorsement.

32 fully-narrated HD maneuvers offer step-by-step instructions for flying all the key elements in the Airman Certification Standards. You’ll fly smoothly and be ready to ace your checkride.

CFI tracking Sporty's course
Flight instructor tracking makes it easy to share your progress.

CFI tracking means your flight instructor can follow your progress through the course. Invite a CFI to see your practice test scores and monitor which video segments you’ve viewed.

Updated video segments cover key topics for pilots to know about in 2018. This includes: checkride tips, the new BasicMed rules, cross-country flying, weight and balance, Air Traffic Control technology, the new Airman Certification Standards, instrument flying, and more.

Smart Streaming technology means you always get the best quality video: HD when your data connection is fast, more compressed when it’s slower. It’s all automatic, which means you see less buffering and better quality video.

Enhanced review quizzes cover more subjects than ever and now include links to related video segments. These quick quizzes are great for reviewing what you’ve learned as you watch the videos.

Redbird sim
Student flying a Redbird simulator can integrate training with Sporty’s course using the GIFT add-on.

Redbird GIFT integration allows you to use Sporty’s course with a Redbird flight simulator. Each module in the Guided Independent Flight Training program is cross-referenced to Sporty’s lessons, so you can learn and get feedback at your own pace.

Review notes for each video include the key points from each segment. These are ideal for review or when preparing for the oral exam.

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course is still packed with plenty of other features pilots love, including: Ask A CFI for those times when you’re stumped, ForeFlight Logbook integration to save your endorsement, and automatic updates. Sporty’s guarantees you’ll pass all three tests required to earn your license, or your money will be refunded.

The new 2018 course is available for $199.99, which includes all three formats. To try it out for free, visit sportys.com/demo.

Learn more in the video demo below:

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Having a childhood dream of aviation, Chris first became an Aviation Explorer, motivating him to earn his private pilot's license as a teenager. During his four years at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University he earned his commercial, multi-engine certificate with an instrument rating. While experimenting in seaplanes, gliders, and a variety of other personal aircraft, Chris developed a passion for general aviation and shares that passion as he develops aviation training apps and content for Sporty's Pilot Shop.


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