Video: The life of a business jet pilot


What’s it like to be a jet pilot? This video offers a window into that fast-paced life. Strap into the right seat of a Beech Premier jet with professional pilot Justin as he flies a trip at sunset, and hear about his journey from non-pilot to the left seat. Is this the same dream you’re chasing?

Video from MrAviation101.

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Coming from an aviation family, John grew up in the back of small airplanes and learned to fly as a teenager. Ever since, he has been hooked on anything with wings and regularly flies a Citabria, a Pilatus PC-12 and a Robinson R44 helicopter. He is an ATP and also holds ratings for multiengine, seaplanes, gliders, and helicopters. In addition to being Editor-in-Chief of Air Facts, John is a Vice President at Sporty’s Pilot Shop, responsible for new product development and marketing.