Friday photo: Texan and Mustang flights


The moment: T-6 Texan and TF-51 Mustang flight

The pilots: Randy Gleason (left) and Joe Gleason (right)

The place: Kissimmee Gateway Airport (KISM), Orlando, FL

The aircraft: T-6 Texan (left) and TF-51 Mustang (right)

The memory: I gave up actively flying as a private pilot in the early eighties.  But when my son, Randy, started flying as a student, I took an interest again. Last month we flew down to Kissimmee, FL, and on Friday, January 11th, he took a step up and flew the AT-6 Texan.  On that same day I flew Stallion 51’s TF-51 Mustang.  What a rush!  At 76, I’m now anxious to get current and start flying again.


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