Flying with Flight Simulator – Flight Maneuver Spotlight


Welcome to the latest edition of the Flight Maneuver Spotlight series. Here we’ll highlight the various maneuvers you’ll practice during your flight training and be expected to demonstrate during your private pilot checkride. This one is a little different—we’re sharing a flight simulator maneuver that you can fly on your own.

This is just one of the 14 flight simulator lessons included in Sporty’s 2021 Learn to Fly Course. Each one includes lesson goals, initial setup steps, performance standards, and common errors.

To help visualize this flight simulator lesson, we recorded the flight in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Here’s what it looks like:

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550x225 LTF course

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Chris McGonegle is a Product Manager with Sporty’s Pilot Shop and a graduate of the UC Clermont Aviation Academy. He’s a Commercial rated pilot with an Instrument rating who prefers to start the day with a $100 cup of coffee before heading into the office.