Video tip: How to fly a Slow Roll with Patty Wagstaff


There are nearly endless opportunities after earning a private pilot certificate to build and advance your stick and rudder skills. Many pilots go on to specialized flight schools to learn new flying techniques, like how to fly a loop or a roll in a high-performance airplane. Our favorite spot for this type of hands-on aerobatics training is at Patty Wagstaff’s flight school in St. Augustine, Florida.

Join Patty in a segment from Sporty’s Basic Aerobatics Course and see how much fun flying inverted can be, as she demonstrates how to fly a slow roll in a Super Decathlon over the beaches of St. Augustine.

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Bret is vice president and senior flight instructor for Sporty's Academy. In addition to Bret's teaching responsibilities, Bret leads Sporty's video production and app development team and serves as editor of the popular iPad Pilot News online journal. As an airline transport pilot, Bret is a senior captain in Sporty's corporate flight department.