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David Zitt is gold seal flight flight instructor and Airline Transport Pilot. Formerly a chief flight instructor of a Part 141 flight training academy, David is a pilot and director of safety at a Cincinnati-based corporate flight department. David is type rated in the C500 and C525 series aircraft. David owns a 1943 L-4 Cub (the military version of the popular J-3 Cub).
Kid in airplane

Picking Up Where You Left Off

One of the more difficult aspects of pilot training is starting back after a lengthy break.  If you have ever had to take two...
Kid in airplane

Getting Back Into Flying

In my position, I talk to all sorts of pilots looking for flight training.  The largest group is not Private pilots looking to add...

Defining Night

Perhaps only in aviation could we come up with three different, and sometimes confusing, definitions for the same word, Night.  These three definitions are...

A Practical Approach to Using an iPad During Flight Training

Many students beginning their training often ask the question “is the iPad the right tool for me in my flight training?” There are many...

Choosing a Flight School

I spend a great deal of time talking with prospective students each day who are searching the area for a flight school.  Although each...

Understanding Aircraft Maintenance Regulations

In aviation we often use memory aids to help us remember the ever growing list of items a pilot should know.  This can include...

Five Ways to Save Money During Training

I have often written about how to find the best flight school, or choose the right instructor, or how to handle personality conflicts in...
ATC controller

ATC Clearances

Even in the beginning days of learning to fly, your instructor will teach you the importance of reading a clearance back to the controller...
Cub takeoff

An airplane’s re-birth

April 7th, 2012 9:40 AM– The Piper Cub lifted off Runway 22 into a nearly perfect VFR day. This was no ordinary takeoff; this aircraft had not flown in almost 60 years.

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