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It was his first airplane trip at age seven that made Eric decide to become a pilot. "While boarding the airplane, a flight attendant noticed my interest in the flight deck and urged me to go talk to the pilot. I give a lot of credit to that pilot for my career choice." He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and went on to an airline career. Eric now heads Sporty’s flight school and directs the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot Training Program. In addition, Eric serves as a Captain in Sporty’s corporate flight department.

Friday photo: brother sister first solo

I got to solo both my kids this week! They both did fantastic. The future looks bright. Both will be attending Liberty University this fall to pursue advanced ratings in preparation for careers in aviation.

Webinar video: Tips and tricks for passing your checkride with Jason Blair

Join preeminent designated pilot examiner, Jason Blair, as he offers valuable tips and insights for checkride day. You'll learn that understanding what to expect...

Friday photo: Ngierot Edwards-Smith solo flight

The moment: Practice area solo The pilot: Ngierot Edwards-Smith The place: Orlando Sanford International Airport (KSFB), Orlando, FL The aircraft: C172 The memory: I had just completed my...

Friday photo: back to instructing…MEI checkride

The moment: Multiengine instructor (MEI) checkride The pilot: Chris DeMaria The place: Renton Municipal Airport (KRNT), Renton, WA The aircraft: Piper Seminole The memory: After a long time...

Free webinar: Weather Fundamentals and Strategy with Meteorologist Scott Dimmich

Thursday, July 18 - 8pm ET Flying and weather are inseparable.  Every pilot must understand weather fundamentals and possess a healthy curiosity of the unknown....

My scariest moment in an airplane was when…

I narrowly escaped a midair collision. However you may choose to define “luck,” credit this phenomenon with another save because, by the time we saw the other airplane, it was too late for our climbing turn to have prevented an impact if it were meant to be. And by virtue of the other airplane never having taken evasive action, I’m confident they never saw us.

Friday photo: Seth Cooper Private pilot

The moment: Private pilot checkride The pilot: Seth Cooper The place: Clermont County Airport (I69), Batavia, OH The aircraft: C172 The memory: This is a monumental moment personally...

Top 5 summer flying activities

The summer is still young and adventure awaits!  The good weather is upon us, Fly Ins are scheduled, and you can smell the pancakes in the air.  The freedom and adventure of general aviation knows no bounds.  Seize the moment this summer and stop dreaming, start flying.

Friday photo: Rebecca Frechette first solo

I thought I was finishing a regular lesson as I pulled off the runway to taxi back to the hangars but my flight instructor told me he was getting out and he wanted me to take the airplane for a lap around the pattern. He gave me a thumbs up and said, “you got this!”

Friday photo: Shane Meenach private pilot checkride

The moment: Private pilot checkride The pilot: Shane Meenach (right) with instructor John Dreyer The place: Clermont County Airport (I69), Batavia, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory:...