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Lane Wallace

Lane Wallace is an internationally-known columnist, author, and speaker. She’s been a correspondent for The Atlantic, a columnist and editor at Flying magazine, a columnist at Sport Aviation magazine, and has written for The New York Times, ForbesLife, The Dallas Morning News, Elite Traveler, Flight International, and a number of other national and international publications. She has also written two books on the lessons of adventure (Surviving Uncertainty and Unforgettable), as well as six books for NASA. In addition, she is the founder and editor of No Map. No Guide. No Limits.—a blog focused on taking a more adventurous, entrepreneurial, and passion-inspired approach to life. A pilot for more than 30 years, she’s flown many different kinds of aircraft, including a blimp and a U-2 spy plane. She’s also owned two airplanes of her own: a 1946 Cessna 120 and a 1977 Grumman Cheetah.

The Places Flying Can Take You: Underwater Flying

When I learned to fly, some 30 years ago now, I imagined that becoming a pilot would broaden my horizons. But although all of those were amazing adventures and experiences, they all took place in the sky. I never dreamed that learning to fly might open up opportunities for me to explore the ocean, as well. But it did.

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