Always Have an Out

I always have a plan B. Typically, when flying, I also prefer…

Trust But Verify

Trust your gauges.  Trust your gauges.  Trust your gauges. …

Happy Anniversary

This week I will celebrate the 29th anniversary of my 29th birthday. …
ATC controller

ATC Clearances

Even in the beginning days of learning to fly, your instructor…

What Your Aircraft Feels

A few years ago, at one of the local airports, there was an aircraft…
Cub takeoff

An airplane’s re-birth

April 7th, 2012 9:40 AM– The Piper Cub lifted off Runway 22 into a nearly perfect VFR day. This was no ordinary takeoff; this aircraft had not flown in almost 60 years.

Flying mentor and friend

The room was crowded with hundreds of his family, friends, students, and business associates. It had been just over 3 weeks since many of us had lost our teacher, our mentor, our friend, to "complications" from a heart surgery. John Morgan Lane touched a lot of lives and we were all there to celebrate his life while mourning his passing.