Quiz: Landing Techniques

While it may be true that any landing you can walk away from is a good landing, there is certainly something to be said...

Friday photo: prop contrail

The moment: Prop contrails The place: Northeast Florida Regional Airport (KSGJ), St. Augustine, FL The aircraft: Super Decathlon The memory: In addition to a fun day of...

Video: Flight Gear Captain’s sunglasses

Every pilot needs a reliable pair of sunglasses, but the cheap gas station ones usually don't work. In particular, you need a pair that won't distort avionics or iPad screens. Go flying with Sporty's Chris McGonegle in this video to see the Flight Gear Captain's sunglasses in action.

UPDATED: FAA issues 2nd amendment for COVID-relief

2nd Amendment effective October 1, 2020 October 6, 2020 - The FAA issued a final rule on September 30, 2020, that further amends Special Federal...

What’s the point of ground reference maneuvers?

Confession: I hated ground reference maneuvers as a student pilot. Eventually, my flight instructor broke through and explained why we were spending so much time on these seemingly boring lessons. I began to appreciate that doing these simple maneuvers really well was going to help me make better landings. Let’s review the point of these exercises.

Video: flying the Cirrus Vision Jet

The Vision Jet from Cirrus is the first single engine personal jet to be delivered in significant numbers, and it's a unique blend of turbine performance and single engine simplicity. In many ways, it really feels like a bigger and faster SR22. You'll get to go flying in one with this video, as the pilot flies from New York to Atlanta. See the startup sequence, watch the takeoff, and listen to all the ATC calls. It's a real world look at a fascinating airplane.

Tips for navigating TFRs

Election season brings Presidential TFRs on short notice Election season is upon us which means a significant increase in presidential and vice-presidential travel and the...

What’s new in airman testing, September 2020

FAA recently published its September edition of “What’s New in Airman Testing” advising of recent and upcoming changes affecting the airman testing process. In...

New runway animation added to Runway Safety Pilot Simulator

The FAA recently released a new animated scenario to its Runway Safety Pilot Simulator.  This animation is installment three of a three part series...

Video: learning formation flying

Flying with friends is always more fun, but to safely fly in formation takes serious training and regular practice. Ride along with Matt Guthmiller in this video as he learns the finer points of flying mere feet from three other airplanes. It takes total concentration, but it's also a blast.