Aviation weather video tip: When flying IFR isn’t an option

Sometimes terrain, icing, lack of instrument rating or proper equipment can make flying on an Instrument Flight Plan (IFR) not an option. But that doesn't mean you need to cancel a flight though just because there's weather along the route or it's not perfect VFR.
Flight Gear 2021

Stay organized with Sporty’s new Flight Gear bags

A good flight bag should be one of the first aviation purchases for a student pilot. One of the most popular options for the last three decades, Sporty’s Flight Gear bags, are new for 2021, with six bags designed by pilots and for pilots. Here's a look at the options.

When should I go around?

Aviation is an industry where pilots are always learning. The term “go-around” isn't a term just used in the training environment, but one that...

Video: landing on an island in the river

Short field landings are more than just a mindless checkride maneuver. With the right airplane, good short field technique can allow you to safely operate into and out of some fun and unique landing strips. Ride along with Trent Palmer in this video as he takes his modified taildragger into some remote areas, and enjoy the stunning views.

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Change 3 Published

FAA recently published Change 3 of the AIM. Changes include a complete rewrite of Navaid service volumes (1-1-8). Significant changes include an updated explanation of Standard Service Volumes (SSVs), revised tables that incorporate new classes of VOR and DME, and new graphics depicting the new SSVs.

Quiz: Cold Weather Operations

As winter sets in, it's more important than ever to understand how the cold weather will not only affect the aircraft performance but also...

Friday photo: rays of sunshine

The moment: enjoying the morning rays of sunshine The place:...

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Video: flying seaplanes in the Alaskan mountains

Flying seaplanes anywhere is fun; flying a Beaver in Alaska is just about the most fun you can have anywhere in the United States. But it's also demanding, with small lakes, rugged terrain, and few rescue options. Fly along with FlightChops as he explores some remote lakes in this legendary bush plane, and see why Alaska is a just plain different.

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