Video: landing in 400 foot visibility

When you think of precision flying you might think of aerobatics or bush flying, but instrument approaches require plenty of it too. In this short video, you'll ride along in the right seat of an Airbus A320 as it makes a Category IIIB approach into Amsterdam. That means the visibility is less than 1/4 mile, and the autopilot is flying it all the way to the runway.

Power-on Stalls – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Power-on stalls, often referred to as departure stalls, are practiced to simulate a scenario that could occur shortly after takeoff, where the airplane is at an excessively high angle of attack with the engine at the maximum power setting. You'll learn how to look for the early warning signs, as well as how to execute the proper recovery procedure.

Video: The flat-out fun Breezy

The Breezy may look odd to non-pilots, but for true aviation enthusiasts this unique open-cockpit airplane is the epitome of simple and fun flying. No avionics, no complicated systems; just stick and rudder, with the wind in your hair. In this video, meet Rob Unger, who rebuilt a Breezy to look just like the original one - which his father created many decades ago. Would you fly it?
GFA Clouds

Still More Out with the Old, In with the New

Over the last few years, I have written a couple of posts about the demise of old weather products and the introduction of their...

Video: what is a bush pilot?

What's it like to be a bush pilot? It means flying for days and never seeing an airport, and sometimes being the first person to ever land at a location. In this incredible video, you'll meet some bush pilots in Alaska and see the beautiful places they fly. The real joy of this type of flying is the total freedom.

Video review: Bose A20 Aviation Headset

The Bose A20 Aviation Headset is the most popular headset among pilots, year after year. It's one of the most expensive headsets, too, but most pilots say it's worth the investment. In this video, come flying with Sporty's headset expert, Doug Ranly, as he explores what the A20 can do and why it's so popular.

Video: Island hopping in Hawaii

The phrase "airline pilot" doesn't always mean flying big jets from busy airports. In this week's video, you get to experience a year in the life of a professional pilot - in Hawaii. You'll see some incredible scenery, but also the fun of interacting with passengers on a very personal level at a small airline. It's further proof that there are a huge variety of flying jobs to match almost any style.

5 flying resolutions for 2018

The standard resolutions: losing weight, read more books (watch less television), volunteer, etc. are all noble causes. But for pilots, we should include our own aviation resolution category. Here are five resolutions from some of my fellow pilots at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Video: Flying a helicopter to an ice cave

Oh, the places you'll go. Dr. Seuss probably wasn't talking about helicopter pilots, but he could have been. In this amazing video, you'll ride along in a Robinson helicopter as four friends explore some of the most beautiful places in British Columbia, from glaciers to ice caves. All of these incredible views can only be seen from a helicopter.

Video: Cirrus flying in the Bahamas

When the days get short and the temperature drops, many US pilots' thoughts turn to the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. The weather is great, the scenery is even better, and it's all a short flight from Florida - a bucket list trip for any pilot. In this video, make the trip to Staniel Cay in a Cirrus SR22 and take in the sights.