Video: pulling Gs with Patty Wagstaff

Flying aerobatics is all about finesse—it's about feeling the airplane and responding with a steady hand on the flight controls. But as this video shows, sometimes it's about aggressive maneuvers and serious Gs, too. Ride along with legendary airshow pilot Patty Wagstaff as she pushes her Extra to the limit.

Updates to FAA written testing and handbooks

The FAA recently published its most recent installment of What's New and Upcoming in Airman Testing to highlight upcoming changes in testing standards, handbooks...

Crosswind landings – HD flight maneuver spotlight

This crosswind landing technique requires you to modify your normal landing procedure by using a combination of rudder and aileron to keep the airplane aligned with the runway.

Exploring aerobatics will make you a better pilot

When most think of aerobatics, it elicits images of the world’s top airshow pilots and their dazzling performances at show center that seem to...

CFI Tips: rudder use

Instructors lament the continuous coaching of rudder use while pilots tire of hearing "more right rudder." But proper rudder use continues to be a...

My experience as a rusty pilot – Part IV

Editor's Note: Welcome to the final installment of Chris McGonegle’s experience as a rusty pilot - a relatable category for many. Chris is an...

Ready to transition to multiengine flying? Here’s how.

For any pilot on a professional career track, or for those looking to experience larger, faster, higher-flying aircraft, a multiengine rating on your Private...

Video: landing on a beach in New Zealand

Landing "off airport" is a great way to experience the true freedom of general aviation, but it doesn't always require a fancy bush plane or a helicopter. In this new video, you'll ride along with JP for a flight in New Zealand to see what it's like flying in this beautiful country. You'll also watch him land on a beach, which is perfectly legal to do year round.

Quiz: How Does The Body React To Flight?

Do you know how the human body will react when exposed to the harsh conditions of high altitude flight.

UPDATED: COVID-relief expires

FAA COVID-19 RELIEF EXPIRES February 1, 2021 - FAA's most recent amendment (October 1, 2020) to COVID-19 relief for pilots extended certain pilot currency requirements,...