Flight Maneuver Spotlight: Traffic pattern entry procedures

Standard traffic patterns are established at nontowered airports to provide a smooth flow of traffic from the arrival phase of flight through approach and landing. Here are the steps to follow to safely and efficiently join the pattern and get established on the final approach leg for landing.

Friday Photo: Christmas delivery

The moment: loading my sleigh with gifts The place: Clermont County Airport (I69), Batavia, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172RG Cutlass The pilot: anonymous The memory: The next best thing...

Pilots must wait 48 hours after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

With the approval of the COVID-19 vaccinations from both Pfizer and Moderna, FAA recently published its policy with respect to FAA medical validity following...

Outsmart winter with these cold-weather flying tips

The winter flying season is officially here, which means we have a new set of challenges to deal with while flying in sub-freezing temperatures. Flight training doesn't need to stop in the winter though; in fact the colder months provide some great opportunities to expand your knowledge on weather and aircraft operations in less than ideal conditions.

Video: landing an E-2 Hawkeye on a carrier

We've all seen the sleek fighters catching a wire and landing on an aircraft carrier, but just as impressive is the work that pilots of larger airplanes do. That includes the E-2 Hawkeye, a 50,000-lb. early warning airplane with an 80 ft. wingspan. In this video, you'll get a pilot's eye view of this big turboprop landing on the USS Gerald Ford, then ride along for a catapult back into the sky.
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Quiz: VFR Cross-Country Flight Planning

Winds aloft, true course, heading and groundspeed. Can you put all the puzzle pieces together and plan a successful cross-country flight? Use this quiz to test...

AOPA Launches 2021 You Can Fly Scholarship Program

More than $1 million in flight training scholarships were awarded in 2020 as part of AOPA’s You Can Fly Scholarship program and the 2021...
172 landing

My experience as a rusty pilot – Part III

Editor's Note: Welcome to part three of a four-part series on Chris McGonegle’s experience as a rusty pilot - a relatable category for many....

Video: 360-degree helicopter flight over snowy mountains

The snow-capped mountains of British Columbia are a stunning sight, even from the ground. In a helicopter, the view is even better, with panoramic views of pine trees, rocky peaks, and deep snow. This awesome 360-degree video is about as close as you can get to being there yourself, with beautiful views in every direction. 

Flying with Flight Simulator – Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Welcome to the latest edition of the Flight Maneuver Spotlight series. Here we’ll highlight the various maneuvers you’ll practice during your flight training and be expected to demonstrate during your private pilot checkride. This one is a little different—we're sharing a flight simulator maneuver that you can fly on your own.