Good enough

Perfection – our goal as we complete life’s tasks.  While perfection is a goal, it is unlikely to be the result of our labors.  At some point in time, we decide those efforts, though not perfect, are “good enough” and move on to our next endeavor.  But how do we determine what is good enough? 

Friday photo: valley fog

The moment: Morning valley fog in Kentucky The pilot: Bret The place: Near Gene Snyder Airport (K62), Falmouth, KY The aircraft: C182 Skylane The memory: One of my...

Video: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 for pilots

Microsoft's release of an all-new flight simulator this month is creating quite a buzz among gamers and flight simulator enthusiasts, but also among pilots. The latest edition of this long-running franchise features stunning graphics, realistic weather, and a variety of general aviation airplanes. Is it fun? Can you use it during flight training? In this video, an experienced pilot and MSFS beta tester shares his thoughts.

My experience as a rusty pilot – part II

Editor's Note: Welcome to part two of a four-part series on Chris McGonegle’s experience as a rusty pilot - a relatable category for many....

Friday photo: early morning departure

The moment: Beautiful cloud formation on this early morning departure The pilot: Eric Radtke The place: Jack Edwards Airport (KJKA), Gulf Shores, AL The aircraft: Piper Aztec The...

Turns Around a Point – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Ground reference maneuvers provide the opportunity to refine your flying skills by learning to fly the airplane over a predetermined path over the ground while compensating for the effects of the wind.

Video: river bar hopping with bush planes

Flying is freedom, but landing where there are no runways is another level of freedom. Ride along with three pilots in this incredible video as they land their taildraggers on gravel bars in a river. It takes skill and practice (watch the intro to learn why), but when done safely this is fun flying at its very best.

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: the next-gen VFR trainer

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is out and incorporates an unprecedented level of detail in the scenery, terrain and aircraft modeling. In addition to being flat out fun to use, the lifelike weather depictions and real-world visuals make for a great training resource for student pilots looking to practice pilotage and dead reckoning skills during the cross-country phase of flight training.

Friday photo: Rob Craig-Gray solo

The moment: My solo moment The pilot: Rob Craig-Gray The place: Millard Airport (KMLE), Omaha, NE The aircraft: Cessna 172 Skyhawk The memory: Always wanted to fly and,...
collision avoidance quiz

Quiz: Traffic Spotting Techniques

All pilots must maintain vigilance in order to see and avoid other aircraft. In a see-and-be-seen environment you should continuously scan all areas visible from the cockpit. But do you know the best method to accomplish this? What about at night? Take this quiz and test your ability to spot a potential traffic conflict and avoid a dangerous collision.