Videos: how to use Sporty’s Electronic E6B Flight Computer

A flight computer is an essential tool for student pilots. You'll use one to calculate all kinds of things, from fuel burn to groundspeed to density altitude. While you can do those calculations with an old school "whiz wheel," an electronic flight computer is a much faster and easier way to get the right answer. This series of video tips shows Sporty's best-selling Electronic E6B in action.
Pilot talking on radio

ATC hours reduced and other preflight considerations

It’s no secret that airline travel has suffered mightily during the COVID-19 pandemic. Air carriers have substantially cut schedules and we’ve even seen sad...

Webinar video: Garmin new products update with Michael Kerrigan

Garmin has kept up its relentless pace of innovation recently, including the innovative GI 275 flight display, the affordable GPS 175 panel-mount navigator, the...

Video: how a $30,000 airplane changed one pilot’s life

Learning to fly is a life-changing experience, but so is buying an airplane. The joy (and occasional heartbreak) of owning your own magic carpet makes general aviation a real family activity and is a great way to learn even more about aviation. This awesome video shows the journey from new pilot to airplane owner, and all the decisions along the way.

What I Learned While Learning to Fly – Four Tips for Aspiring Student Pilots

Pilots are an eager group to get new prospective students into the flying community. As of December 31, 2018 there were 167,804 student pilots...

Friday photo: mountain wave cloud formation

The moment: Mountain wave cloud formation The pilot: anonymous The place: Near North Las Vegas Airport (KVGT), Las Vegas, NV The aircraft: Cessna Citation 550 The memory: Mountain...
wake turbulence

Quiz: Wake Turbulence Avoidance

Wake turbulence is an invisible hazard that presents an additional challenge for pilots operating light airplanes out of busy airports. Take our latest quiz and test your knowledge of proper avoidance techniques.

Webinar video: how to use flight simulators to stay current

We all know that flight simulators can provide huge value in flight training, but only if used properly. In this online presentation, we will...

Video: landing a Bonanza on a golf course

The Bonanza is known as a refined cross-country airplane, but it's not bad for soft fields either. Fly along with Matt Guthmiller as he flies to a variety of locations in this new video. You'll see airplanes on a golf course, a sand bar, and even a mountain top (no, not all of those are in the Bonanza). It's fun general aviation flying at its finest.

Giving back – a fun day at the airport

Like many of you, my flying has been on a hiatus for the past few weeks. Due to the government-ordered shut down of many...