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Friday photo: granddaughter’s first solo

The moment: My granddaughter's first solo The pilot: Ibel Darkenwald The place: Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (KBZN), Bozeman, MT The aircraft: Diamond DA20 The memory: On Thursday December 20th I was...

Quiz: Understanding Aircraft Performance

Airplane performance can be defined as the capability of an airplane to operate effectively while serving a specific purpose.  Among the elements of performance...

Video: aerobatics in a Cessna

Flying aerobatics is incredibly fun, and it's also a great way to learn new flying skills. That doesn't have to mean exotic airshow airplanes, though - the trusty Cessna 150 Aerobat is a great way to do loops, rolls, spins, and more. Ride along on this flight to see what aerobatic maneuvers look like from the cockpit. 

5 most popular articles from 2018

Please enjoy our five most popular articles from 2018. On behalf of the Student Pilot News team, Happy New Year and best...

Friday photo: John Dundas first solo

The moment: First solo (age 85) The pilot: John Dundas The place: Fairchild International Airport (KCLM), Port Angeles, WA The aircraft: C172M The memory: A couple of years ago a pilot "friend"...

Rectangular Course – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

The rectangular course is one of several ground reference maneuvers you'll practice during Private Pilot training, which will teach you how to compensate for the effects of the wind when flying at lower altitudes.

Video: backcountry flying lesson

Highly modified STOL airplanes (Short TakeOff and Landing) can get in and out of some airstrips that would be unthinkable in ordinary airplanes - but only if you know how to fly them. Ride along with FlightChops in this video as he learns how to handle the incredible new Carbon Cub FX-3, including slow flight and extremely short field landings.

Become a Part of the Community

Congratulations, you are either on your way or about to get started on your journey to becoming a pilot. As you begin this adventure,...

Friday photo: Darick Gundy first solo, first Sonex flight

The moment: First solo / first Sonex flight The pilot: Darick Gundy The place: Bermudian Valley Airpark (07N) - Kralltown, PA The aircraft: Champ / Sonex The memory: At age 56 I...

Ask a CFI: what’s one tip to make better landings (video)

Welcome to our latest video series - Ask A Sporty's CFI. We'll be talking to the 25 flight instructors we have on staff at Sporty's to get their tips for safer and smoother flying. First up is Bret Koebbe, an ATP and CFII, who shares his tips for making consistently smooth landings. How do you know if you're on glide path? How do you choose an aiming point? Bret has answers.