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Friday photo: Talia Shaw first solo

The moment: First solo The pilot: Talia Shaw The place: Northeast Philadelphia Airport, Philadelphia, PA (KPNE) The aircraft: Grumman Traveler AA5 The memory: It was a very nerve-racking day, but all...

Crosswind landings – HD flight maneuver spotlight

This crosswind landing technique requires you to modify your normal landing procedure by using a combination of rudder and aileron to keep the airplane aligned with the runway.

Video: first solo aerobatics flight

Learning to fly aerobatics is a lot of fun, but it also makes your everyday flying skills sharper. Ride along with an experienced pilot as he flies his very first aerobatics routine solo, including loops and rolls. Besides the fun view out the window, you'll hear his pre-maneuver checklist and learn what he's focusing on as he flies each one.

Fun flights for a new pilot

So you’re getting comfortable as pilot in command and you’ve completed those first big milestones: solo and private pilot certification. Now what? Well you’re probably working toward an advanced rating, maybe eventually a career in aviation, or just having fun. With flight training, consistency is the name of the game, but I’d recommend you stop and smell the roses.

Friday photo: Jerry Gay solo cross-country

The moment: First solo cross-country The pilot: Jerry Gay The place: Athens / Ben Epps Airport, Athens, GA (KAHN) The aircraft: Cessna 172M Skyhawk The memory:The Lake Russell photo is from...

Quiz: Wake Turbulence Avoidance

As an airplane wing flies through the air an invisible danger swirls in its wake. The aerodynamic phenomenon known as wingtip vortices leaves behind...

Video: how a drone pilot became a bush pilot

Trent Palmer makes some of the most amazing flying videos anywhere, usually involving bush planes with big tires - and rarely involving paved runways. What most people don't know is that Trent was initially terrified of flying. Watch this video to learn how he conquered his fears, and of course see some great backcountry flying.

Sporty’s webinar – surviving the checkride – an examiner panel discussion

Preparing can be stressful, but taking a checkride doesn’t have to be. Understanding what to expect in your oral and practical, and how to...

Friday photo: Steve Hicks first solo

  The moment: Private pilot checkride The pilot: Steve Hicks (left) with DPE Bill Rourke The place: Atlanta Regional Airport-Falcon Field, Atlanta, GA (KFFC) The aircraft: Diamond DA20 The memory: "passed my...

The virtues of competition and a challenging flight home

The competition I had the distinct pleasure of representing Sporty’s at the 2018 National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) annual flight competition–SAFECON. With nearly 30 schools...