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Quiz: Understanding Aircraft Performance

Airplane performance can be defined as the capability of an airplane to operate effectively while serving a specific purpose.  Among the elements of performance...

Friday photo: night flight

The moment: first night flight of the season The place: Cincinnati Municipal Airport - Lunken Field (KLUK), Cincinnati, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172 The pilot: Nick Keene The...
ARSim app

ARSim app helps pilots learn radio communications

Learning to communicate with ground, tower, and approach can be intimidating for many student pilots. There's a lot to remember and sometimes when you push the button to start talking, the mind goes blank. Fortunately, there's a new app that can help.

Things to Know about Line Up and Wait

According to the Aeronautical Information Manual, "Line up and wait is an air traffic control (ATC) procedure designed to position an aircraft onto the...

Daylight saving time ends tonight, Sunday, November 1

Sadly, daylight saving time comes to an end on Sunday, November 1 as the clocks "fall" back one hour. As daylight wanes in the...

Video: flying the Hudson River exclusion zone

One of the great privileges of being a pilot in the United States is the freedom to fly almost anywhere. That includes a VFR flight right up the Hudson River, with a stunning view of Manhattan. Ride along in this video as some friends fly a Mooney up the East Coast of the US, including a scenic flight past the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and so many other landmarks. All with a private pilot certificate and a single engine airplane.
Sporty's 2021 Learn to Fly Course

What’s new in Sporty’s 2021 Learn to Fly Course

Sporty’s Learn to Fly Course has been a popular home study tool for decades, and is famous for its relentless pace of innovation. Every year, we add new content, new training tools, and technological enhancements. This year is no exception, with a host of upgrades that make training more engaging and more efficient. Here’s a look at some highlights.

Friday photo: short final on a glassy morning

The moment: short final The place: Lake Cumberland Regional Airport (KSME), Somerset, KY The aircraft: Piper Seminole The memory: This fall morning is what you'd describe as...

Five Gadgets for Solo Cross Country Flights

I remember planning my first cross country flight. There were sectional charts thrown across the floor, highlighters in the dog’s mouth, crumpled flight plan...

Video: flying the DC-3

The Douglas DC-3 might be the hardest working airplane in aviation history. From pioneering airline routes to flying World War II missions to hauling freight in remote areas, this tail-dragging radial twin has done it all. In this fantastic video, you'll get to fly in a DC-3 with the world's highest time DC-3 pilot.