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Video: how to get started with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator program is limitless in possibilities, but where do we start? In this video, Sporty's flight simulator expert Chris McGonegle will take you through those first steps to get airborne. We'll begin at the home page and cover how to choose an airport, aircraft, release the parking brake, and move to an external view.

A pilot’s guide to fuel testers

One of the many pre-flight tasks pilots perform on their aircraft involves fuel, and it’s not just confirming you have enough fuel for your...

FAA releases new advisory circular – Pilot’s Guide to a Preflight Briefing

The FAA has released a new Advisory Circular (AC) titled Pilot’s Guide to a Preflight Briefing to provide guidance in developing a thoughtful plan...

Top 10 things you need when starting flight training

Sporty’s is much more than just a pilot shop—today, our successful flight school has hundreds of students and is solely responsible for the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot Program. The plethora of pilot supplies out there can be overwhelming, so students often look to us for advice on what you really need for flight training. Here's our top 10 list.

You’re only as good as your endorsements

As a newly minted student pilot, you’ll naturally rely on your flight instructor to lead the process of becoming a pilot. You’ll entrust this...

Video: first solo in a Cessna 152

A pilot's first solo is a day full of mixed emotions: excitement and nervousness, pride and fear. This video shows all those feelings, as a student pilot makes her first trip around the pattern by herself in a Cessna 152. If you're not a pilot yet, it's a great preview of what's to come. If you are a pilot, you'll probably remember exhaling at the end like Erin does here.

Video: why pilots need fuel testers

Draining and checking fuel before flight is one of the first things you learn as a student pilot. But what are you actually looking for, and how do you know if your sample is good or bad? In this Product PIREP video, Sporty's Doug Ranly explains the point of this ritual and shows what contaminated fuel looks like.

Slow Flight – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Flying an airplane just above the stall speed in the slow flight configuration will teach you a lot about the handling characteristics and controllability at low speeds, which is a critical step in the development of your flying skills during flight training.

CFI Tips: Go-Arounds

Pilots are often too reluctant to execute go-arounds and because they aren't practiced regularly, pilots frequently make mistakes in performing the maneuvers. Hear more...

Rolling Out the Weather Cameras

Technology can be a wonderful thing. Improvements have made great strides toward better and more complete information with the potential to improve aviation safety. There...