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10 aviation activities to get you through COVID-19 and a FREE course from Sporty’s

Does the COVID-19 crisis have you down? Yes, unprecedented recommendations and orders have made it challenging to get that aviation fix, but blue skies are ahead and there are activities to participate in right now so that you’re ready to hit the ground running. Here are 10 aviation activities you can participate in right now to help keep you connected.

Soft-Field Takeoff – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

The soft-field takeoff technique will be required when departing from runway surfaces made of grass or dirt and will allow you to keep as much weight off the nose wheel as possible during the takeoff roll.

Video: life as a seaplane pilot

Flying a seaplane is about the most fun as you can have in an airplane, with almost total freedom and great views. But for some pilots, this type of flying is their job. Follow a new first officer as he learns about flying for Trans Maldivian Airways, an airline that is the largest seaplane operator in the world. It's still work, but it looks pretty fun too.

Sporty’s webinar video: 20 questions to test your aviation knowledge

How much do you know about weather, airspace, aerodynamics, and flight planning? You’ll find out in this webinar video from Sporty's. The pilots at...

Friday photo: first flight after 23 years in the US Air Force

The moment: First flight after 23 year in the US Air Force The pilot: Eric Krouse (left) with instructor and friend Andrew The place: Gwinnett County...

Video: Triple Tree’s incredible 7,000-foot grass runway

When you hear "grass runway" you probably think of a short farm strip. Triple Tree Aerodrome in South Carolina is something entirely different: a 7,000-foot long stretch of grass that looks like it's a golf course fairway. Ride along in a Cirrus SR20 as a family visits the scenic airport and enjoys the warm hospitality of fellow pilots. It's everything that's right about general aviation.

What’s the best time of year for pilot training?

It’s approaching spring in what has been a welcomed mild winter for southern Ohio. We’re anxiously awaiting more hours of daylight ahead which means...

Friday photo: Sam Stauss CFI checkride

The moment: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) checkride The pilot: Sam Stauss The place: Clermont County Airport, (I69), Batavia, OH. The aircraft: C172 The memory: This occasion is fulfilling...

Webinar video: Flight Review – tips for getting current

Sporty's Academy Chief Instructor, Eric Radtke, shares insightful tips on knocking off the aviation rust and regaining your pilot currency. Topics include medical requirements,...

AIM updated – summary of Change 1

Aeronautical Information Manual Change 1 was recently published with updates taking effect January 30. Updates include: 1−1−12. NAVAIDS with Voice 4−2−14. Communications for VFR Flights 7−1−10. Inflight...