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5 flying resolutions for 2018

The standard resolutions: losing weight, read more books (watch less television), volunteer, etc. are all noble causes. But for pilots, we should include our own aviation resolution category. Here are five resolutions from some of my fellow pilots at Sporty’s Pilot Shop.

Video: Flying a helicopter to an ice cave

Oh, the places you'll go. Dr. Seuss probably wasn't talking about helicopter pilots, but he could have been. In this amazing video, you'll ride along in a Robinson helicopter as four friends explore some of the most beautiful places in British Columbia, from glaciers to ice caves. All of these incredible views can only be seen from a helicopter.

Soft-Field Takeoff – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

The soft-field takeoff technique will be required when departing from runway surfaces made of grass or dirt and will allow you to keep as much weight off the nose wheel as possible during the takeoff roll.

Video: Cirrus flying in the Bahamas

When the days get short and the temperature drops, many US pilots' thoughts turn to the turquoise waters of the Bahamas. The weather is great, the scenery is even better, and it's all a short flight from Florida - a bucket list trip for any pilot. In this video, make the trip to Staniel Cay in a Cirrus SR22 and take in the sights.
Slow flight from cockpit

Pitch or power? The answer is both!

"Pitch for airspeed; power for altitude." This is a oft-repeated phrase in initial training, but it confuses as many pilots as it helps. What does it really mean? Does it tell the whole story? Maybe not. The best pilots understand the complex relationship between pitch and power, and use both tools to fly smoothly and safely.

Video: backcountry flying in a Cessna 182

Backcountry flying is general aviation at its best: no airspace or ATC, but plenty of scenery and unmatched freedom. In this amazing video, you'll see how much fun this type of flying can be - and it doesn't require an exotic bush plane. Fly in a Cessna 182 to visit remote grass strips, rocky river beds, and scenic mountain passes. And no, don't try this on your first solo.
cold weather quiz feature

Quiz: Cold Weather Operations

As winter sets in, it's more important than ever to understand how the cold weather will not only affect the aircraft performance but also...

Video: The life of a business jet pilot

What's it like to be a jet pilot? This video offers a window into that fast-paced life. Strap into the right seat of a Beech Premier jet with professional pilot Justin as he flies a trip at sunset, and hear about his journey from non-pilot to the left seat. Is this the same dream you're chasing?

Chasing the shadow

The eclipse was scheduled to begin in Gallatin about 1:00 PM EDT, but wanting to ensure a good viewing spot Michael and I, along with our families, loaded into N702SP with our eclipse glasses in-hand early that morning for the hour and a half flight to Sumner County.

Video: Building confidence with aerobatics

Aerobatics might bring to mind 8G turns and flat spins, but most aerobatic flying is much smoother and more fun than that. In this video, you'll ride along with a new student pilot as she experiences loops and rolls in an RV, and even flies some herself. As she discovers, aerobatic flying doesn't have to be scary - it can actually build confidence and skills that make you a better pilot when you're straight and level.