Tips and technique

Tips and technique

Night flying refresher

The return to standard time, cooler temperatures, and shorter days may have you dreading the winter flying season, and already longing for spring. But...

Video tip: How to fly an Aileron Roll with Patty Wagstaff

There are nearly endless opportunities after earning a private pilot certificate to build and advance your stick and rudder skills. Many pilots go on to specialized flight schools to learn new flying techniques, like how to fly aerobatics. Join Patty Wagstaff in this week's video tip to see how much fun flying inverted can be, as she demonstrates how to fly an aileron roll in a Super Decathlon over the beaches of St. Augustine.

Things to Know about Line Up and Wait

According to the Aeronautical Information Manual, "Line up and wait is an air traffic control (ATC) procedure designed to position an aircraft onto the...

What’s the point of ground reference maneuvers?

Confession: I hated ground reference maneuvers as a student pilot. Eventually, my flight instructor broke through and explained why we were spending so much time on these seemingly boring lessons. I began to appreciate that doing these simple maneuvers really well was going to help me make better landings. Let’s review the point of these exercises.

Tips for navigating TFRs

Election season brings Presidential TFRs on short notice Election season is upon us which means a significant increase in presidential and vice-presidential travel and the...

What’s new in airman testing, September 2020

FAA recently published its September edition of “What’s New in Airman Testing” advising of recent and upcoming changes affecting the airman testing process. In...

Good enough

Perfection – our goal as we complete life’s tasks.  While perfection is a goal, it is unlikely to be the result of our labors.  At some point in time, we decide those efforts, though not perfect, are “good enough” and move on to our next endeavor.  But how do we determine what is good enough? 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: the next-gen VFR trainer

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is out and incorporates an unprecedented level of detail in the scenery, terrain and aircraft modeling. In addition to being flat out fun to use, the lifelike weather depictions and real-world visuals make for a great training resource for student pilots looking to practice pilotage and dead reckoning skills during the cross-country phase of flight training.

New simulation added to free Runway Safety Simulator

The FAA Safety Team has added a new simulation to the the Runway Safety Pilot Simulator at “The Anatomy of a Wrong Surface...

Are you improving as a pilot?

Learning anything new is good for your brain. Whether it’s a new language, hobby or instrument, learning new skills stimulates neurons in your brain...