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Quiz: Reading Pilot Weather Reports

Aviation weather reports are simply conditions in the atmosphere that are observed at a specific time. These reports create a snapshot for pilots to understand what weather to expect during takeoff, cruise, and landing. Knowing how to find, read, and interpret the multiple sources of weather information is crucial to the safety and success of […]

Quiz: Glider Flying Techniques

Glider flying is a great way to get into aviation at a young age, hone your powered flight skills or simply a way to enjoy the thrill of soaring through the skies. Answer these ten questions and test your sailplane knowledge. Want to learn more about flying gliders? Check out Sporty’s “So You Want To Fly […]

Quiz: Aircraft Engine Mixture Control

For some student pilots the mixture control is a thing of mystery. It gets pulled out to shut off the engine, so let’s just leave it alone in flight. Its operation might seem elusive to new pilots but correct operation is critical to keeping the engine running smoothly and for maximum fuel savings. Answer these […]

Quiz: Test Your Taxi Techniques

Moving an aircraft on the ground is a vital phase of every flight, but airplanes don’t drive like a car. Certain care must be taken while operating around the airport. Can you answer all these taxi questions correctly? Want to learn more about avoiding wake turbulence? Check out Sporty’s Learn To Fly Course for more in depth training […]

Quiz: Seaplane Skills Challenge

So you’ve mastered the art of flying a land-based airplane and want to advance your skills. Or maybe you’re a long time floatplane jockey and want to confirm your time-tested knowledge. Even if you’ve never set foot in an airplane, get your feet wet and take our quiz to see how you measure up on what it takes to be the pilot-in-command of a seaplane.

Quiz: Basic Aircraft Aerodynamics

As much as it seems sometimes that airplanes fly by magic, it’s important for every pilot to understand at least the basic fundamentals of aerodynamics. These principles dictate not only how the aircraft stays aloft, but what make it either stable or unstable. Understanding these concepts will create a smoother and safer pilot. Take this quiz […]