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New Episodes of Sporty’s Fast Five Podcast

5 questions with 1 pilot Sporty’s popular Fast Five Podcast has new episodes available with guests that include writer Dave Hirschman, AOPA; Recreational Aviation Foundation Chairman, John McKenna; and EMS helicopter pilot, Matt Johnson. The informative and entertaining format features five questions with one intriguing guest. Fast Five brings you authentic conversations with some of […]

Webinar Video: Flight Simulators – Tools or Toys for Pilots

Flight Simulators have been a popular topic over the past year. Partially because of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator program, but also because new lines of professional equipment have debuted along with training programs. Through all the increased interest, can we qualify an at home flight simulator as a tool or a toy? In this […]

CFI Tips: Checklist Usage

In this installment of CFI Tips, Sporty’s Academy CFI, Dale Fargo, discusses why checklist usage is important and how checklist usage should evolve with experience. Hear what pilots are doing right and wrong as well as the universal priorities of piloting.  

Updated AIM effective June 17, 2021

On its standard publication schedule, an updated AIM was recently published with changes effective June 17, 2021. Changes include the following paragraphs: 1−1−9. INSTRUMENT LANDING SYSTEM (ILS) This change is to edit the following text and add an additional figure to clarify that charted procedures with localizer coverage outside the Standard Service Volume (SSV) have […]

“NORDO” – 5 tips for avoiding loss of communication

“NORDO” is a term defined in FAA Order 7110.65 (a.k.a. Air Traffic Controller’s Handbook) as an aircraft that can’t or doesn’t communicate by radio.  While the term can apply to an aircraft not certified with an electrical system (radio) or one that has suffered an equipment failure, it’s more commonly related to an inadvertent loss […]

Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Training Course

Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial pilot certificate, an essential step on the way to a job as a flight instructor or an airline pilot. Like all Sporty’s courses, the Commercial Pilot Course includes access to multiple formats for the same low price: online, iPhone, iPad, Android, Apple TV and Roku. […]