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It was his first airplane trip at age seven that made Eric decide to become a pilot. "While boarding the airplane, a flight attendant noticed my interest in the flight deck and urged me to go talk to the pilot. I give a lot of credit to that pilot for my career choice." He earned a bachelor’s degree in finance and went on to an airline career. Eric now heads Sporty’s flight school and directs the University of Cincinnati’s Professional Pilot Training Program. In addition, Eric serves as a Captain in Sporty’s corporate flight department.

Friday photo: first solo Dallas Padgitt

  The moment: First solo The pilot: Dallas Padgitt The place: Clermont County Airport (I69) - Batavia, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory: At first I was incredibly nervous to fly...

Friday photo: Malena Modirzadeh first flight with a passenger

The moment: First flight with a passenger The pilot: Malena Modirzadeh The place: Asheville Regional Airport (KAVL) - Asheville, NC The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory: It was a beautiful, calm...

Friday photo: Priscilla Marapodi instrument rating checkride

I started my aviation journey April 2017 since then it’s been an amazing journey. I thought the PPL was an amazing accomplishment until today the IFR checkride, now I feel like a real pilot! 

Friday photo: Ryan Miller first solo

My son's first solo! I bought the ELSA RV-12 so that I could learn airplane maintenance work and so that my son could affordably learn to fly.  This plane was built by high school students as an Eagle's Nest project at Clear Springs High School

Friday photo: Michelle Abruzzese first flight lesson

  The moment: first flight lesson The pilot: Michelle Abruzzese The place: Chatham Municipal Airport (KCQX), Chatham, MA The aircraft: C172 The memory: taken moments before my flight instructor, Bob Streckle, boards the...

AIM change 2 effective September 13, 2018

AIM Change 2 went into effect September 13 and includes recommended advisory practices at non-towered airports as well as weather services and standard terminal arrivals (STARs).

The most commonly misunderstood regulations and procedures

I had the pleasure of hosting a popular online panel discussion earlier this year featuring designated pilot examiners (DPEs) and Chief Instructors from around...

Friday photo: Carlos Bultron first solo

The moment: first solo The pilot: Carlos Bultron The place: New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport (KEVB), New Smyrna Beach, FL The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory: This is from...

Sporty’s webinar – surviving the checkride – an examiner panel discussion

Preparing can be stressful, but taking a checkride doesn’t have to be. Understanding what to expect in your oral and practical, and how to...

The virtues of competition and a challenging flight home

The competition I had the distinct pleasure of representing Sporty’s at the 2018 National Intercollegiate Flying Association (NIFA) annual flight competition–SAFECON. With nearly 30 schools...