Friday Photo

Friday Photo

first solo and checkride moments

Friday photo: Rebecca Frechette first solo

I thought I was finishing a regular lesson as I pulled off the runway to taxi back to the hangars but my flight instructor told me he was getting out and he wanted me to take the airplane for a lap around the pattern. He gave me a thumbs up and said, “you got this!”

Friday photo: Shane Meenach private pilot checkride

The moment: Private pilot checkride The pilot: Shane Meenach (right) with instructor John Dreyer The place: Clermont County Airport (I69), Batavia, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory:...

Friday photo: Justin Roy Commercial Pilot

  The moment: Commercial pilot checkride The pilot: Justin Roy (right) with instructor Erik Trogdon The place: Clermont County Airport (I69), Batavia, OH The aircraft: Cessna 172 The memory:...

Friday photo: Steven Horney first solo

I completed my first solo on December 8, 2018 at the age of 58.  Flying has been a life-long dream for me, starting around the age of 5.  During my teen years, my father (a very experienced Air Force pilot, CFI, and CFI-G) began giving me some formal flight lessons, but then I went off to college, got married, etc., and I had to be content with flying model aircraft for a lot of years.

Friday photo: Tasha Farmer first solo

The moment: My wife's first solo The pilot: Tasha Farmer The place: Livingston County, Spencer J. Harvey Field (KOZW), Howell, MI The aircraft: Diamond DA-20 The memory: On...

Friday photo: Texan and Mustang flights

Last month we flew down to Kissimmee, FL, and on Friday, January 11th, he took a step up and flew the AT-6 Texan.  On that same day I flew Stallion 51’s TF-51 Mustang.  What a rush!  At 76, I’m now anxious to get current and start flying again.

Friday photo: Son, Evan Joseph Roseman, first solo

The moment: My son's first solo The pilot: Evan Joseph Roseman The place: Witham Field Airport (KSUA), Stuart, FL The aircraft: Cessna 150 The memory: We weren't sure...

Friday photo: Granddaughter, Paris Jones, first solo

After 40 years at American Airlines I’m excited that so many young adults like Paris are discovering aviation as a career again. For a long time it wasn’t this way, and the efforts of organizations like Sporty’s, AOPA, EAA and others is having a positive effect. No word can describe how happy and proud of her we are.

Friday photo: Garrett Gray Private pilot checkride

The memory: It feels great to have passed the Private checkride and be an official pilot. I am excited to share this experience with my friends and family, and I can't wait to see what excitement the next ratings and certificates bring!

Friday photo: Kendall Wilson Private pilot checkride

The moment: Private pilot checkride The pilot: Kendall Wilson The place: W.H "Bud" Barron Airport (KDBN), Dublin, GA The aircraft: Cessna 172N The memory: We had thunderstorms for two weeks straight...