7 tips for your cold weather flying

The winter flying season is officially here, which means we have a new set of challenges to deal with while flying in sub-freezing temperatures. Flight training doesn't need to stop in the winter though; in fact the colder months provide some great opportunities to expand your knowledge on weather and aircraft operations in less than ideal conditions.

Ask a CFI – minimum visibility for student pilots

What is the minimum visibility required for a student pilot operating…

Make your next flight more meaningful by practicing this

Ok, so your checkride was conducted within the parameters…

Video tip: How to use VFR flight plans

Pilots should get in the habit of filing and opening VFR Flight Plans when flying away from the local airport environment. Then, in the unlikely event that you have an emergency or off-airport landing, the authorities know to come look for you along your planned route of flight.

FAA releases updated Airplane Flying Handbook

FAA recently released the 2021 edition of the Airplane Flying…

Soft-Field Takeoff – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

The soft-field takeoff technique will be required when departing from runway surfaces made of grass or dirt and will allow you to keep as much weight off the nose wheel as possible during the takeoff roll.

3 Rules of Thumb for Flying and Some Good Advice

A rule of thumb has been attributed to many origins (including the largest stick a man could use to beat his wife) but is generally meant to mean a "reliable approximation." I fly - and live - by rules of thumb. I want to share three of these and pass on some good advice that may keep you flying and alive for a long time.

CFI Tips: Ground Reference Maneuvers

In this edition of Sporty's CFI Tips, Matt Burwinkel discusses…

Being Safer on the Ground

When we think about safety in aviation, most people think about…

FAA updates sample knowledge test questions

FAA recently published updates to its sample knowledge test questions.…