Tips and technique

Tips and technique

Good enough

Perfection – our goal as we complete life’s tasks.  While perfection is a goal, it is unlikely to be the result of our labors.  At some point in time, we decide those efforts, though not perfect, are “good enough” and move on to our next endeavor.  But how do we determine what is good enough? 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: the next-gen VFR trainer

The new Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 is out and incorporates an unprecedented level of detail in the scenery, terrain and aircraft modeling. In addition to being flat out fun to use, the lifelike weather depictions and real-world visuals make for a great training resource for student pilots looking to practice pilotage and dead reckoning skills during the cross-country phase of flight training.

New simulation added to free Runway Safety Simulator

The FAA Safety Team has added a new simulation to the the Runway Safety Pilot Simulator at “The Anatomy of a Wrong Surface...

Are you improving as a pilot?

Learning anything new is good for your brain. Whether it’s a new language, hobby or instrument, learning new skills stimulates neurons in your brain...

My experience as a rusty pilot

Welcome to part one of a four-part series on Chris McGonegle’s experience as a rusty pilot - a relatable category for many. Chris is...

Women in Aviation 2021 Scholarships

New scholarships posted weekly The 2021 Women in Aviation (WAI) scholarship program is open and members can review dozens of scholarships. Scholarships are being offered...

Video tip: 6 rules for VFR cross-country flights

Getting out of the traffic pattern and going on a real trip is a lot of fun. It may even be the reason you’re learning to fly in the first place. But the same reasons these trips are so much fun - new places to see, a goal at the end of the flight - can lead to challenges if you aren’t prepared. Here are six rules to keep in mind when you’re flying VFR cross countries.

12 Tips for a Smooth CFI Renewal Experience

Unlike our pilot certificates which expire when we do, our flight instructor certificates expire after 24 calendar months and we must renew them. There...

Video tip: How to use VFR flight plans

Pilots should get in the habit of filing and opening VFR Flight Plans when flying away from the local airport environment. Then, in the unlikely event that you have an emergency or off-airport landing, the authorities know to come look for you along your planned route of flight.
ATC controller

VFR Flight Following – a pilot’s guide

If “flight following” is a new term, don’t worry, you’re not alone. It’s not exactly a staple in many Private pilot training programs and...