Tips and technique

Tips and technique

Pilot talking on radio

How to improve your pilot communication skills

Learning how to talk on the radio is important, but many pilots spend far too much time stressing about it. Improving your communication skills is mostly about feeling comfortable and confident. So how do you feel more confident on the radio? There’s not substitute for practice and experience, but there are some habits that can accelerate that process.

Power-on Stalls – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Power-on stalls, often referred to as departure stalls, are practiced to simulate a scenario that could occur shortly after takeoff, where the airplane is at an excessively high angle of attack with the engine at the maximum power setting. You'll learn how to look for the early warning signs, as well as how to execute the proper recovery procedure.

Your Personal Required Equipment List – 7 Must Have Items

During your training you’ll learn what aircraft equipment is required for flight, starting with what the FAA requires for certification. This information is outlined...

If faced with an engine failure, remember your ABCs

While complete engine failures are not common, the stakes are high which is why pilots train extensively for such occurrences and why they get evaluated as part of a checkride. If faced with an engine failure, or training for your next engine failure with your instructor, act quick and decisively by remembering what you learned in kindergarten – your ABCs.
Slow flight from cockpit

Pitch or power? The answer is both!

"Pitch for airspeed; power for altitude." This is a oft-repeated phrase in initial training, but it confuses as many pilots as it helps. What does it really mean? Does it tell the whole story? Maybe not. The best pilots understand the complex relationship between pitch and power, and use both tools to fly smoothly and safely.

10 tips to get the most out of each flight lesson

Learning to fly an airplane should be a fun and enjoyable process, but you need to have a game plan to ensure that your flight training proceeds smoothly and efficiently. Here are 10 tips to help you get the most out of each lesson.

Flight Service Stations can do more than you think

It doesn't take long for student pilot to be confused by, or question the roles of the Flight Service Stations (FSS) today. Pre-solo ground...

Tips to Help Streamline IFR Training

When stressed learning to fly approaches, it is very easy to get behind the airplane.  During my IFR training, it was not uncommon for...

Make Better Landings

Proper planning prevents poor performance.  I’m not sure who to credit with the adage, but it very much applies to consistent landings. A good landing...

Use your iPad to simplify taxiing at large airports

Learning to move around on the ground at large airports with complex runway and taxiway layouts can at first be intimidating, but with proper preparation and some help from the mobile apps like ForeFlight, you'll find that it's really not that difficult to monitor your position and find your way to the runway or parking.