Tips and technique

Tips and technique

Aviation weather video tip: When flying IFR isn’t an option

Sometimes terrain, icing, lack of instrument rating or proper equipment can make flying on an Instrument Flight Plan (IFR) not an option. But that doesn't mean you need to cancel a flight though just because there's weather along the route or it's not perfect VFR.

When should I go around?

Aviation is an industry where pilots are always learning. The term “go-around” isn't a term just used in the training environment, but one that...

Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM) Change 3 Published

FAA recently published Change 3 of the AIM. Changes include a complete rewrite of Navaid service volumes (1-1-8). Significant changes include an updated explanation of Standard Service Volumes (SSVs), revised tables that incorporate new classes of VOR and DME, and new graphics depicting the new SSVs.

5 most popular articles from 2020

2020 taught us a lot about patience, perseverance and determination – a year like no other and one that many of us our happy...

Flight Maneuver Spotlight: Traffic pattern entry procedures

Standard traffic patterns are established at nontowered airports to provide a smooth flow of traffic from the arrival phase of flight through approach and landing. Here are the steps to follow to safely and efficiently join the pattern and get established on the final approach leg for landing.

Outsmart winter with these cold-weather flying tips

The winter flying season is officially here, which means we have a new set of challenges to deal with while flying in sub-freezing temperatures. Flight training doesn't need to stop in the winter though; in fact the colder months provide some great opportunities to expand your knowledge on weather and aircraft operations in less than ideal conditions.

Night flying refresher

The return to standard time, cooler temperatures, and shorter days may have you dreading the winter flying season, and already longing for spring. But...

Video tip: How to fly an Aileron Roll with Patty Wagstaff

There are nearly endless opportunities after earning a private pilot certificate to build and advance your stick and rudder skills. Many pilots go on to specialized flight schools to learn new flying techniques, like how to fly aerobatics. Join Patty Wagstaff in this week's video tip to see how much fun flying inverted can be, as she demonstrates how to fly an aileron roll in a Super Decathlon over the beaches of St. Augustine.

Things to Know about Line Up and Wait

According to the Aeronautical Information Manual, "Line up and wait is an air traffic control (ATC) procedure designed to position an aircraft onto the...

What’s the point of ground reference maneuvers?

Confession: I hated ground reference maneuvers as a student pilot. Eventually, my flight instructor broke through and explained why we were spending so much time on these seemingly boring lessons. I began to appreciate that doing these simple maneuvers really well was going to help me make better landings. Let’s review the point of these exercises.