Tips and technique

Tips and technique

What I Learned While Learning to Fly – Four Tips for Aspiring Student Pilots

Pilots are an eager group to get new prospective students into the flying community. As of December 31, 2018 there were 167,804 student pilots...

Sporty’s Introduces Commercial Pilot Test Prep Course

Sporty’s latest training course will help pilots earn a Commercial pilot certificate, an essential step on the way to a job as a flight...

10 aviation activities to get you through COVID-19

Does the COVID-19 crisis have you down? Yes, unprecedented recommendations and orders have made it challenging to get that aviation fix, but blue skies are ahead and there are activities to participate in right now so that you’re ready to hit the ground running. Here are 10 aviation activities you can participate in right now to help keep you connected.

Soft-Field Takeoff – HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

The soft-field takeoff technique will be required when departing from runway surfaces made of grass or dirt and will allow you to keep as much weight off the nose wheel as possible during the takeoff roll.

Sporty’s webinar video: 20 questions to test your aviation knowledge

How much do you know about weather, airspace, aerodynamics, and flight planning? You’ll find out in this webinar video from Sporty's. The pilots at...

What’s the best time of year for pilot training?

It’s approaching spring in what has been a welcomed mild winter for southern Ohio. We’re anxiously awaiting more hours of daylight ahead which means...

AIM updated – summary of Change 1

Aeronautical Information Manual Change 1 was recently published with updates taking effect January 30. Updates include: 1−1−12. NAVAIDS with Voice 4−2−14. Communications for VFR Flights 7−1−10. Inflight...

Steep Turns – Sporty’s HD Flight Maneuver Spotlight

Welcome to our newest addition to Student Pilot News, the Flight Maneuver Spotlight series. Here we'll highlight the various maneuvers you'll practice during your flight training and be expected to demonstrate during your private pilot checkride. We're going to kick things off with Steep Turns this week.

6 professional development tips for aspiring pilots

The aviation job market has never been stronger. As an aspiring professional pilot, the opportunities are limitless. As a result, enrollment in collegiate aviation...

Video tip: inadvertent flight into instrument conditions (and how to get out)

Taking the time to thoroughly brief the weather before every flight will significantly decrease the odds that you'll inadvertently fly into instrument conditions as a VFR pilot. This week's tip takes a look at the actions to take though if you do stumble into the clouds or an area of reduced visibility, to help you safely return to VFR conditions.